Once Upon a Time- Episode 3- Review (Spoilers)

Once Upon a Time- Episode 3- Quite a Common Fairy

I really liked how this episode focused so much on Regina. We saw an interesting side to her character, we see how reluctant she is to change who is she is. We also saw Pan trying to change Henry as well and how difficult that is going to be. We have Regina who does not want to be happy and we have Henry who refuse to wallow in despair and let the darkness in. Though at the end we see a small change in both of these characters and it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

We open the group following the map, a map that continues to change. Hook knows right away that Pan is messing around with them, he likes to play games. Something we see the extent of when he is with Henry.

We know Pan wants Henry’s heart, but it would seem like he can’t just rip it out like Regina and Rumple can. I feel like Henry has to give over his heart, he has to surrender his heart and his belief in some manner. The heart can’t be taken it has to be given.

Pan continues to mess with Henry. He gives Henry a crossbow and tells him to shoot an apple off Felix’s, a lost boy’s, head. He poisons the arrow, an incentive not to miss. We see Henry afraid, not wanting to play this game. He doesn’t want to be a pawn of Pan’s. Instead of trying to shoot the apple he tries to shoot Pan, which Pan easily stops. He knew Henry would do that.

I think the game was more for Pan than Henry. He was trying to evaluate exactly where Henry is. Henry is going to try to escape, he has no desire to remain a prisoner. Given the chance he’ll attack Pan and run, no questions asked. Pan knows from this incident he has some work ahead of him.

Instead of threatening Henry and scaring him, Pan takes him to the side and has an interesting discussion with him. Again this is why I think the heart has to be handed over, not forcefully taken. Pan needs Henry to trust him, to see him as a friend, not an enemy.

Pan gives us some insight into what Neverland actually is. Neverland is a child’s greatest dream. It is a land run on imagination, a place where no one tells you no. Pan isn’t a parent, he doesn’t tell the boys what is right or wrong. He lets them behave however they like, even if it results in lost fingers. He doesn’t parent them, yet he still commands them. He is still in charge. Somehow he maintains control but how? How did he get control of this place? Why Pan and not one of the other boys?

Pan tells Henry that all worlds are fading because of the lack of belief. No one believes in magic anymore. Henry, says Pan, is the savior out to save magic. He wants Henry to understand how important he is to the fate of the world. This whole discussion made me wonder why Pan is doing all of this.

He has been searching for Henry for years and years. Now we know he wants Henry’s heart, but is there any truth to what he told Henry? Is magic really in trouble? Is something happening to Neverland? Is that what Pan is trying to do? Save his home? But why explain everything to Henry. He isn’t scaring Henry, he is trying to change him. He is trying to convert him. Henry has to believe in what Pan says, he has to want to save magic.

At first Henry doesn’t believe Pan. He calls his bluff, refusing to look at the picture. He doesn’t want any of what Pan says to be true. He doesn’t want to believe but curiosity wins out in the end. Henry sees his picture, he sees that there is some truth in what Pan is talking about. Henry has some part to play. This is a tipping point for the young boy. He sees that he can’t deny everything anymore. He has a part to play, now he has to decide how to play it.

This episode was a lot about belief. Henry has to believe in Pan and the danger that magic seems to be in. Whereas Regina has a different track of belief she has to comes to terms with in herself. While Henry fully believes in himself and those he cares about, Regina has absolutely no belief in herself or anyone else. She has only darkness.

We learn quickly that Regina and Tinker Bell have met before, and as usual their relationship isn’t a good one. Emma asks what happened with the two of them and Regina answers with “What I always do.” This is one of the first times we see how vulnerable and exhausted Regina has become. She is tired of screwing up at every turn. She’s done breaking everything she touches.

Her encounter with Tinker Bell was one of her last straws and a moment she continues to regret. Before she met Tink she had a conversation with Rumple. He points out that the darkness has a hold of her and that she can’t out run it. As he says, “You are the feast and the darkness has had a taste of you.” (Rumple). He knows she is in its grasp and can’t escape. Though we see she doesn’t want to be that person. She doesn’t want to live in a rage filled haze but she sees no way out.

Enter Tinker Bell, she saves Regina and wants nothing more than to help her. I found it interesting how quickly Regina opened up to Tink. She confessed almost everything to her without much of a thought. We see how badly Regina just needed someone to talk with. She needed a friend. Tink sees how sad and broken she is and all she wants to do is help her.

I liked how idealistic Tinker Bell is. She was a lot like Henry. She just wants to help Regina, just show her how good life can be. She refuses to believe that all she is, is a dark person, even after the Blue Fairy tells her to back off. Tink doesn’t let others tell her what to do. She is going to act in what she believes it the best way, what she believes will help the best. Though we see how quickly this idea can be destroyed. Hopefully Henry doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Tinker Bell uses pixie dust to help Regina find her true love. She is led right to him, all she has to do is go inside the bar. It seems so simple but it is the scariest thing she could imagine ever doing. Regina has been unhappy for so long, after losing her love she has no desire to be happy again. She tells Tink later, “Anger is all I had,” (Regina). Anger and hate are easy emotions to let rule you. They can be extremely strong, they can run wild. They generally don’t end in real pain, if you stay wrapped up in those emotions.

Whereas happiness takes work. It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain happiness. With happiness also comes pain and suffering. Happiness only comes with true work and a strong desire to remain happy. Regina doesn’t want to have to deal with any of that. She’s been there before and has gotten burned. She is terrified to go back there again.

Tink is her hope, she literally hands her a different life with true love. All Regina has to do is reach out and take it, one decision is all it takes. A choice much to difficult for Regina to go through with. We watch her walk away, giving in to a life of sorrow and darkness.

We see how exhausted and done Regina is with her life when she ends up as Tinker Bell’s prisoner. She is tired of alway making the wrong choice; tired of every time she turns around there is death and destruction. She gives Tinker Nell a choice, she can kill Regina and become a broken heart consumed by darkness, or she can help Regina find Henry and find some redemption for herself. Tinker Bell is just as rage consumed as Regina once was, now rage is just how she exists. But Regina doesn’t want to see someone end up like her.

Regina isn’t a villain we can absolutely hate. She has this very human side we can all relate to. Right now she might be the most sympathetic character on the show. She is at the end of her rope. She has tried everything she can think of to get revenge, which she thinks will heal her heart. But revenge isn’t the answer and she finally sees that. At this point all she wants is to have her son back. Henry is the one thing keeping her heart from becoming completely blackened. Children are the hope for the parents in this show.

In the end Tinker Bell chooses the right path. She will help the group try to get to Henry. She is angry and hurt but not completely broken. She just wants her wings back. she wants to be able to help people once again. She just wants her idealistic, believer’s heart back.

Tinker Bell tells Regina that by not going inside and discovering her true love, she ruined both their lives. We see at the end that her love is supposed to be Robin Hood. Now Robin Hood doesn’t seem as broken as Regina. He was married one time and now he has a son he adores. He has his band of merry men and a life he seems content with. How is his life ruined? What don’t we know about Robin Hood? If he met Regina how would true love save them both? What does it mean that they are destined for each other? It will be interesting to see how that plays out. True love is supposed to conquer all and heal all inflictions. Can it really save Regina?

A few small things about this episode. First it was interesting how Snow and Emma understood Tinker Bell just from her tree house. They both recognized immediately what the place meant. It was a desolate, empty place. As Snow said it was just a place to sleep in. It was not a home, just a hide out. Tinker Bell was in the same place they both were at one time. She just wanted a home, somewhere to feel whole again. Snow has basically found that while Emma is still putting that place together.

Neil is off to Neverland. He knew right away that Pan was out for Henry. He knows that hiding and avoiding his issues won’t do any good. All he wants is his family back together again. His story gives Mulan the courage to go tell Aura how she really feels. But of course the story doesn’t get that happy ending. Mulan leaves broken hearted to join Robin Hood. Will Mulan get her happy ending with her own true love? I’m curious how they are going to end this story line with some type of happy ending.

“Roast swan, that’s amusing. You’ll get that later”- Rumple- I just found this really funny

“ I can be happy”- Regina- trying to psyche herself up to go into the bar. She has to convince herself of this but fails. She needs to constantly remind herself of this.

“I no longer believe in you,”- The Blue Fairy- this statement is one of the worst anyone can say to anyone else. No belief equals death and despair in the world.

“I guess people just stopped believing in me,”- Tinker Bell- Another statement that really hurts. This whole world is built on belief and losing that is utter destruction.


-Can Tinker Bell get wings back?

Can Regina be happy?

Will Pan make Henry believe him?

Is magic really in danger?

When will Charming tell Snow he’s dying?

How is Robin Hood’s life ruined?

Will Robin Hood and Regina end up together?

Can true love really save everything and everyone?

Why does Pan trust Tinker Bell?

How is Pan as in control as he is?

Why do the lost boys follow him?

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