Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

9780307744432_custom-fb2e2392e384d7db77dc38d9441f430dd02cb360-s6-c30The Night Circus was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine. She believed my taste for the eccentric and the fantastic would be very well satisfied by this story. She could not have been more right, from the beginning sentance until the very last word on the very last page I was completely and utterly captivated.

There are three main parts to this story that in the end are all intertwined wonderfully. There is the love story of Marco and Celia, which is tied up in this very interesting and intriguing competition. There is the story of Bailey and his struggle to find himself at home, a struggle aided by the wondrous circus. Then there is the story of the circus itself and you the reader’s adventures through it. Each piece is so vividly written that you feel perfectly apart of each story. At the end when all of them combine, it is smooth and satisfying.

The competition and the main aspects of the story take place inside this circus. At first I had the image of a traditional circus inside my mind but that was quickly replaced by a land of imagination and dreams. Morgenstern creates this dream like world full of tents that possess some of the most magical ideas I have ever read.From the Wishing Tree to the Pool of Tears you can easily envision and feel the effects of each of these tents.

Interspaced throughout the different parts of the plot are a second person view of the circus. In these small chapters you the reader are allowed to explore the circus first hand. By the end you feel completely enthralled and captivated by this place. The last thing you want to do is leave the circus and close the book. You have to leave this dream land at the end and you find yourself very hesitant to do so.

Morgenstern creates this captivating romance tale of not just two magicians falling for one another inside this difficult and taxing competition but also it is a love story of those who have fallen in love with the circus itself. It is a story of connections people make with one another when they share a bonded love for something wondrous.

You bond with each character as they fight to find some semblance of control inside their lives and in the bigger world beyond. The vivid descriptions and beautiful images hold you captive as you watch Bailey strive to determine where he belongs; as Marco and Celia fight for each other inside the confines of this life altering competition and as Widge and Poppet fight to hold the circus, their home, together. You are an invested as part of this circus from word and page one.


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