Up Here

DSC01513_adjusted-2The land below gets smaller and smaller. I watch as high opposing sky scrapers become nothing more than patches of exposed roofs. Cars aren’t something that can run you down, they are just play things now. I want to reach out and grasp each little mechanical object and push it around like I once did with matchbox cars as a child. Pick up that blue van and put it behind the black four-door. Push the motorcycle behind the other two and an ice cream truck in front. Make a whole traffic jam of vehicles out to get this one ice cream man. Provide the voices for the desperate people, all they want is a cone or a popsicle. But that ice cream truck has a birthday party to get to and cannot stop for anyone else.

I smile to myself keeping my head turned toward the window so no one else can intrude in my imaginary little world. We fly over a dense patch of green. I want to push my palm down on the branches and smash the puny little things downwards. Watch them bend beneath my palm and then spring back up when I release the pressure. The world looks so easy to manipulate from so high above.

I lean my head against the cool glass and watch as things become more and more tiny. They aren’t even toy sized anymore slowly they are becoming nothing but pinpricks of rough sizes and basic colors. White puffs of clouds float into view, mixing in with the minuscule scenery below. Soon they cover everything cutting us off in our plane from the world below.

Up here we can’t do a thing about anything happening down below us. Things can break and crumple into nothingness. Civilization can disappear taking every plant and animal with it. We could dip back down below the clouds to find nothing but bright blue oceans creeping over every land mass. Or we could watch as cracks seized up through the continents breaking everything into small chunks. Up here we could  do nothing but watch.

I love being up here for a brief time. Being so high and away from the world is a nice break. It is nice to do nothing but sit and relax. I let my mind wander coursing through pieces of plots and character types. I go over old tales and new twists to stories told many times over. Up here I don’t have to worry about a thing.

Troubles and worries could run amuck in my head but I know it would be useless to let them. What am I supposed to do? Crawl over my neighbors, run up the aisle, yank the door open and jump? Which would end in nothing but my death and possibly the death of many others. What can I do about anything in my life right now? Nothing and that is a pure bliss feeling.

I lean back and turn up my music. Soon we will begin our decent. The ground will come rushing up to meet us. The clouds will disperse and become fluffy things high above us once again. The land, cars and buildings will roar back to full size; no longer fun toys we can play with and manipulate. The wheels will hit the tarmac and life will un-pause once again. I will have to deal with unemployment and an uncertain future, but until that moment I am going to enjoy sitting in this cramped little space, completely blissed out and worry free.

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