Where to now? Chapter 2

A/N: Alright majority choose Dimension hopping so here we go! Have fun and choose carefully 😉

“I choose…,” you hesitate, as you stare into the two black abysses before you. The numbers have you mesmerized. You watch them swarm around and around until they aren’t anything but a white blur. You blink twice and rip your vision away.
The purple zig zag’s pull you toward them. The lines streak up, down and sideways and you begin to feel the outside world fade. The sounds of the cars rumbling over potholes and the creaking of branches completely disappear. The zig have completely entranced you.

“Come with us.” “Visit us.” “We are who you need.” “Come.” The whisperings are soft yet at the same time are demanding your attention. They are enticing, not frightening, more moving and full of hope. They promise something you can’t quiet articulate; the fluttering in your chest from them, is excitement, nervousness and terror all rolled into one.
You know that walking into that darkness could very well end with your death. You know you could wake up tomorrow in a padded room, completely detached from reality. But you don’t care, you can’t keep pretending you are happy. There is only so long you can fake that contented smile and reassuring voice, only so long as you can keep this mask on before it falls way and with it your whole world. No, you aren’t going to question and plan this thing out, you are going in.

“I choose the dimensions,” you declare loudly, a king calling out your ruling to the world.

Neil grins and claps his hands. The black hole of numbers vanishes and the portal through dimensions widens, completely blotting out the rest of the neighborhood.

“Go on, find what you need,” Neil says, a small smirk hovering on his face. He looked so excited. You begin to feel your fright fade as the reality sets in, this is real!

You nod, take a deep breath and walk through the blackness.

You expect to feel like you are free-falling or to be paralyzed in a black expanse that gives you no idea where you are to go now. What you don’t expect is just pure white, it encased the whole area around you. There is nothing but pure snow-white, it’s so bright, you have to squint as you look around. You look left, right, up, down and behind you. There is not a single shape, color or any indication that anything lives or breathes in this place.You feel as if you are floating above the clouds.

You feel your throat begin to tighten and you worry our fingers around and around one another. There is no way out and no seeming way forward. What do you do? You want to cry, to break down and beg someone somewhere to give you some answer, but there is no one. You are completely alone.

Just before you completely lose control and collapse, you remember the whispers you heard before you entered this choice. The whispers that called to you, the ones that asked you to come to them. The voices that had entranced you, pulled you into this place. You came here because of them. They were here somewhere, you just had to find them.

Carefully and full of hesitation you move your foot forward half an inch. When you don’t go free-falling through space and no one comes out to capture you, you breathe easier and begin to walk forward.

Why forward? You have no real idea. It’s the space in front of you, probably the best choice over any other. You walk and walk and walk and nothing changes. You can’t even tell if you have moved at all, the scenery is exactly the same. Hell, you could be moving in place and you would have no idea.

After what feels like an hour, you stop and take a quick survey. You have accomplished exactly nothing. Frustration begins to creep up your neck. What are you supposed to do? Did Neil forget to fill you in on something? Is there some magic dance or set of words you are supposed to say to move forward? Where are the owners of those voices? Shouldn’t at least one of them come out to greet you? What was going on here?

With a groan that is almost a sob you fall on to the white ground and drop your chin into your hands. You need a plan, walking aimlessly doesn’t seem to be accomplishing anything. Should you try ripping the place apart? Should you just sit here and hope someone comes by? That would probably end up with you starving.

“What the hell?” you finally snap at the emptiness. You are irritated beyond your normal capacity.

“Dear come with me, I’ll show you what is here,” a sweet, kind voice replies. Your head snaps up and you look around.

“Huh?” you ask. You scramble to your feet and spin around. You swear the speaker had been directly behind you. You can’t quite believe what you just heard. Are you losing it or is someone actually there? You begin to race forward, praying the voice’s owner will step out of the whiteness. She sounded so sweet, almost like a grandmother. You needed someone soothing like that right now.

“Don’t listen to her. Come with me. I can show you adventure, take you to my land where you will rule and be above all those petty problems.” You stop frozen in your tracks. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You quickly spin around again, expecting to find a tall man in a black suit, smirking down at you. Yet again no one is there. His was so sure, cunning, in control. You want to back away but you aren’t sure where to go.

“Who are you?” you ask the voice, trying to keep your own voice from shaking, though that is exceedingly difficult as panic begins to creep in on you. Who are these people and why can’t you see them?

Just as you begin to slide to your right, hoping to get away, another voice speaks up, “They are out to confuse and harm you. Come with me, I have what you want and need. We need you and you need us,” this voice settles your heart rate slightly, it sounds so average, so common place. It could belong to any of the hundreds of people you’ve met or seen on the street. This voice was so plain, yet held a quiet note of desperation, a note that makes you feel heart-sick for them.

“I…,” you have no idea what to do. This whole thing is beginning to make your head spin. You wanted the whispering voices to help you but you were kind of hoping for some physical form, not this invisible mysterious crap. The sweet kind voice is comforting and reassuring, you can’t imagine any harm coming to you if you go with that one. The male voice is harsh but entrancing, something about it promises adventure and a life with all the dangers you dreamed of fighting and conquering. It calls to you with all the desire for fun that made you do this in the first place. The voice that came from your right is familiar, a small comfort in this scary, odd and confusing place.

“I don’t know,” you whisper to them, trying not to break down in terrified tears.


Who do you go with?

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