Where to now?- A create your own adventure story

A/N: This story is going to be a bit different from pieces I have posted in the past. A friend of mine reminded me a night in college where we had a blast creating a make your own adventure story, they made the choices and I created the story plot. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done with story telling. So I decided to try something here.

I am going to start posting a story where you guys, the readers get to choose where and how the story progresses. I will post a portion of the story and at the end leave you with choices. (Many of you will probably have read something like this from when you were young, I remember Goosebumps having some fun ones). You can read and make your decision by leaving a comment about where you want the story to go. I will give it a few days for people to read and respond, the majority will win and the story will progress from that point. I will leave my own comment, letting you know a decision has been reached. Then in a about a week to 10 days I will post the continuation of the story that will once again end with a choice you have to make.

The story will go on as long as we like it to. If it gets to a point where you die or reach an ending I will choose a point from earlier in the story and continue the story from the choice the that wasn’t chosen initially and we can go down another path and see what happens.

This is meant to be a fun and different adventure for you readers as well as a challenging adventure for me.
So read on and let’s have some fun 🙂

Chapter 1

Your eyes slowly open and you let out a breath of relief. The ceiling above you is familiar, the scent in the air is fresh and sweet, and the tumbling traffic is like a lullaby to you. You are at home, sure you are inexplicably lying on the hard ground of your porch, but you are at the place you have known since you began walking and talking. Nothing and no one can hurt you here.

How you ended up on your back you try to remember. You had been locking your front door when a scratching noise made you stop suddenly. It was a scratch of claws on wood, your brain went straight to a rabid raccoon out to claw out your eyes and infect you with rabies. As your heartbeat had sped up you tried to decide what to do; stay put and pray that creature didn’t find you appetizing or run and hope your long legs and moderate stamina would be enough to get you far, far away.

The scratching stopped and a small cough made you squeak in fright. It hadn’t been the voice of a raccoon or any other crazed woodland creature, that noise had been clearly human. Your brain was in hyper drive, a huge man with wild eyes, track marks on his arms and a knife clenched in his fist, glared at you in your imagination. He hasn’t stabbed you yet because he wanted to see the life leave your eyes. Why he makes scratching sounds you didn’t want to even begin to imagine.

The cough sounded again and this time you knew you had to do something. Fight or flight took over and you slowly turned around, keys stuck between your fingers, prepared to remove eyes from sockets if it had become necessary.

The image you saw was beyond what your brain could conceive. Standing in front of you was a little man, hands in his pockets and an innocent grin on his face. He looked no older than eighteen, face still fresh and without worry lines. His brown shaggy hair hung just over his eyes, making eye contact difficult. He looked fully human, until you looked down.

You never should have looked down. You should have just stared at that lovely kind smiling face. But you were curious, you knew something wasn’t completely normal. You wanted to ignore that nagging in your brain but keeping your mind quiet isn’t something you’ve ever been very good at.

You looked down and that was when the blackness stole over you, leaving you to fall, hard, onto the wooden porch. As you wake up, everything comes rushing back. The young man, who looked like a potential date and his hideously misshapen bird talon feet. You wish that image would leave your brain. He had stood on claws with broken yellow and scraggly nails. It was like he was part demon bird or something. Claws that like that could pull out your eyes swiftly and cleanly when he got into a fit of rage or was feeling a bit peckish.

“You all right? That fall sounded hard. I’m surprised no one came running,” the kind face hovered above you, a guilty grin on his face.

“All at work,” you respond. It is the only real statement you can articulate right now. Screaming, “What the hell are you?” doesn’t seem appropriate.

“Sure,” he shrugs at you. “Want help up?” he offers a hand to you.

You lie there running through the consequences of accepting that hand. Touching him made him real, made whatever he was real, made whatever happened next real.

Remaining flat on the floor, eyes trained on the warped boards above you left you in a dream land. He would go away, you would wake up in bed, completely happy and laughing at your absurd dream. Remaining lying down made it possible for this all to disappear. Patience was all you needed.

“I can talk to you like that but I’d feel a bit more comfortable if you were sitting up and actually listening to me,” the man said.

You close your eyes and pray you aren’t losing your mind. The man’s hand is still hovering above you, as if disconnected from yourself you reach out and grasp it. His firm smooth hand closes around yours and he helps you to your feet. His touch is gentle yet firm, he isn’t going to be someone you can push around.

You sigh defeated. Reality confirmed.

“Who and what are you?” you find yourself asking as you make your way to the stairs. You want to be close to the exit, just in case.

“Name is Neil and I’m a little hard to explain,” he replies.

“Try,” you insist. He’s given you a name, normal enough sounding, but that isn’t what you are really concerned about.

“Fine, I’m a creature you have no name for. Your world doesn’t comprehend me. I’m human for all intents and purposes,” he explains.

“Except the claws,” you point out. You were always taught not to point and be rude but you can’t help it, this situation is outside the social etiquette you were taught.

“That’s a result of a curse. Long story, don’t ask,” he waves off your questions “I’m here because I heard your call.”

“My call?” You are confused. When did you make a call? You barely ever dialed your phone, let alone made calls to weird clawed strangers.

“It’s silent to you but we hear it,” he shrugged.

“There are more of you?” Your voice is high, fright squeezing in with confusion.

“Yes, we respond to the call of hearts who are confined and need a release. We come in and offer an opportunity to escape a life you see as a prison We give you the adventure, fame, heroics and notoriety you’ve always wanted,” he said.

You want to laugh. He sounds like a commercial for a far off vacation destination. “Come here and escape the mundane world. Only $122.99 a night” As you chuckle to yourself, you try to decide how best to secretly call for help, someone needed to pick this guy up before he hurt someone. Clearly something terrible had broken this man.

You inch down the steps intending to make your way to your car, a safe spot to call for help or drive away if the man attacked.

“Don’t hide in the car and calling the police won’t help either. I’ll just disappear,” He shrugs.

You stop moving, taken off guard by his knowledge. “How?” you ask. Your vocabulary is limited right now.

“When I said I knew you I wasn’t kidding. Now please settle down. Don’t you want to break away from this mundane world? You hate your routine; wake up, work, home, dinner, sleep and repeat. It’s boring and you can’t do it much longer. You can’t remember who you are and why you are even bothering. I can help. I can relight that spark you’ve let dim,” he said.

The look in his eyes, the plea of desperation and passion makes you stop for a second. He looks like he wants so badly for you to have fun, to do as he says. He almost looks like he is begging you. His eyes plead, “Please give it a shot.”

“How?” you ask again. You really wish you could elaborate a bit more, use a more sophisticated set of words. This whole thing has your brain stalled, and it wasn’t looking like it would be starting up again any time soon.

“Like this,” he lifts his arms and drags them down in one fluid quick motion. Where he had slashed the air two black circles appear.

Your brain is back in full motion. It is screaming for you to run and never return. It screams to get a new home or to commit yourself to some institution. Was it something you ate? Did you hit your head? What was wrong with you?

“Seriously settle down,” he commands, you know he can see your roaming eyes and twitching limbs.

You take a deep breath and consider a few things; you aren’t running off, you aren’t in a ball on the ground crying and you aren’t laid out on the cold concrete; all good signs you weren’t completely losing control. A small part of you is okay with this, that part settle your racing heart and whirring brain, that part directs your attention back to Neil.

“On my left is an entrance to time. You can travel forward and backward. You can hop from year to year or minute to minute,” he waves at the portal on his left. Now that you look closer you can see little white numbers swimming back and forth over the dark surface.

“On the right we have a variety of dimensions. Take a leap into here and you’ll end up in a land unlike your own. One with creatures, magic and a way of life you’ve never dreamed of. Jump in here and see what the worlds touching yours are like,” the right circle had purple lightening crackling back and forth over the surface. It was mesmerizing.

You want to say no thanks and get away, keeping the small part of sanity you still have; but that imaginative, reckless and curious side of you is screaming in excitement. It wants to get away and have fun. It has been pushed down and contained so long. You can barely control it anymore. It is tired of the boring and the same.

“So what is your choice?” Neil asks, grinning widely. “An adventure through time or through worlds you can’t even begin to imagine?’

You know you should be asking so many questions and finding out so many details but you don’t really care. You’ve always been careful and safe and its given you nothing but boredom and a life you don’t want to remember. Time to actually live.

“I choose…,”

Do you choose the portal through time where you can go to anywhere and see any event?
Do you hop dimensions, to find creatures and worlds you have never thought possible?

Leave your choice in a comment below.question_mark_

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  1. Alright looks like the majority has gone with dimension hopping. So off we go!


  2. There is no question about it, I say go to a different demension!


  3. I would not hesitate to hop into the demension to find everything different and possible. As it is your life is boring now and going through the portal anywhere in time and seeing any event, who’s to say that would not be consistent with BORING!?


  4. i vote for the portal one. other seems to confusing and weird.


  5. Lets hop dimensions


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