To the world it was considered a brand, a mark that would forever define her. People would take one look at it and cringe. Most would wonder why she would choose to mark herself in such a way. Didn’t she know those things couldn’t be removed? Was she stupid? Or was she just trying to be some sort of mainstream rebel.

In reality, it was none of those things. She knew exactly what she was doing when she let the pen ingrain the ink into her skin. It was no act of rebellion that forced her to get the mark. In reality she could careless if anyone ever actually saw it. It wasn’t for the rest of the world. It was for her. It was her skin, her mark, her reminder of what she was supposed to do in this world.

Every morning in the shower, she would look down at her leg and a spark of hope would ignite inside her. It could be the worst day, pieces of the sky falling on top of her everywhere she turned; but all she had to do was look at that one word; Believe and a smile would crease her lips.

Believe, that is what she had to do. She had to believe that there was something beyond these four walls that held her closed in. If she let her life slip away from her, if she lost her hope in believing then nothing was going to be worth anything. She had to maintain the belief that she could walk out of the door and be walking into a future that was meant for her. Believe was what the mark that marred skin said. Believe is what she did every hour of every day.

Never would she allow the sneers and scoffs get under her skin. What would she think when she was ninety and the mark was still on her leg? She would smile and think, “Thank God I never stopped believing. Look at where it has gotten me.” Those who would surround her would smile back at her, proud of her undying belief that not only was she meant for something but so were they.

Therefore, it wasn’t a blemish she had inflicted on herself; it was a symbol, an embodiment of everything that meant anything to her. It was her best decision and one that would last forever. It would always radiate out to all  who saw it, proclaiming to always, always believe.

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  1. reminds me of a great song sung by Josh Groban titled ‘Believe’.


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